Monday, October 17, 2016

White Witch

White witch video

Went to the Renaissance Festival in Crownsville Maryland on Saturday.  Met with the psychic there.  Asked her if she knew about Elly Kenward.  She did not, but she knew a colleague nearby that did know about the Blair Witch.  She had her friend come over that afternoon.  Her friend channeled the Elli Kedward and said that she said she knew where I live and would come to me when the full moon was at it's highest as a white cat.  I just captured a white skunk and it does not leave.  I felt hunger and feed it. We sat there, eye to eye, me feeling strange emotions and imagining a terrible torture. t.A great weariness came over me and I fell asleep,.  When I awoke the m00n had moved about an inch (measured at arms length,) and the white skunk was gone.

Friday, October 14, 2016


At Pusser's Caribbean Grill, dockside at Annapolis Harbor.  Preparing for a seance tomorrow in Crownsville Maryland at the Renaissance Festival.  A psychic from London is there and she claims that (for a fee) she can channel the spirit of Elly (The Blair Witch) Kedward.  Film tomorrow night.